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Super (naturally open) Ahmad Aghaei

very long in shell pistachios, no close mouth pistachio included. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is smaller than Akbari pistachio and larger than Fandoghi ones.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is in fact one of the most delicious pistachio cultivars that plays a leading role in Iran and the world. In Iran, pistachios are found in different regions of Ahmad Aghaei and in general, but Kerman province and Rafsanjan city, which is known as the city of green gold, has a special place in the field of pistachios.

Kerman is known as the best place for pistachio production due to its special geographical location, altitude and distance from the sea . In Iran, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachio cultivars are of special importance. The reason for paying much attention to this pistachio cultivar is in fact its extraordinary taste and very beautiful and majestic appearance, which has caused Iranians to use Ahmad Aghaei pistachios in all important celebrations , including Nowruz and religious holidays.

Some of the most important characteristics of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio are mentioned as follows:
Delicious pistachio type
Suitable for parties and gatherings
High popularity of this type of pistachio in Iran and also abroad.
Stretched and beautiful appearance
To provide pistachio slicing services.

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