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Rafsanjan is a city of Kerman province. The center of this city is Rafsanjan. Based on 2006 census of the Statics Center of Iran, the population of this city was 295,175.Rafsanjan is located in the northwest of Kerman and in terms of location it is on the way of kerman and yazd. Noughdistrict is one of the districts of Rafsanjan.Bahraman which is the center of Nough district and Safaieh, center of Ferdows district are located in a plain between the two mountain ranges and has approximately 100 kilometers long. Due to the proper soil, these districts are the most optimal regions for pistachio harvesting. Rafsanjan’s Pistachio has a reputation and therefore buying pistachios from Rafsanjan is truly suggested.

Rafsanjan City is encompasses a land area of aboutabout 7678 square kilometers and is located in northwest of Kerman province. Ransanjan is inclusive of the districts of, Nough, Koshkuiyeh, Ferdows, Sarcheshmehand Anar. Anar city has become independent from Rafsanjan in 1388. Rafsanjan’s heightis 1469 meters from sea level. About 45% of the population live in rural areas and the most important economic activity is horticulture and pistachio cultivation. In 55 km south of the city, copper factories are located, the largest copper mines in Iran is processed.

History of Rafsanjan

Rafsanjan has different names, which are mostly associated with its underground reserves. Like the Resangan or Risang, the copper, which has been Arabic, is Rafsanjan. Of the two words the word Rafsang means copper and con meant mine. The city has a long tradition has and its pistachio orchards are famous.


Historical attractions


Historical Attractions Although this land has been dominated and looted by conquerors such as Teymour-Shibeck Uzbek and other border-bound tribes, but because the other places of our beloved country continues to be the proud life of the past and the vibrant city of this township has led to the monuments and monuments of historical buildings, including the castles, carvanseraysTimas, markets, towers, pavilions, water-warehouses, ice-houses, cathedrals, Imamzadeh, hills and ancient landscaping, AsiabhaHamameha, Caesarea Rafsanjan, religious cultural centers, Rafsanjan's Pigeon House caravan, Haj Aqaali home in Rafsanjan or the world's largest clay house, bazaar and Water warehouse Haj Aqaali pointed out the historical collection of Haj Aqaali in Rafsanjan.

Natural attractions of Rafsanjan City

Natural attractions In addition to the climatic conditions mentioned above, massive copper mines originated, the world's largest artificial forest (120 thousand hectares of pistachioorchards)

Countries like Sarchshmeh, Davaran, Dare (valley) Dor, Rawiz and also Khanamanare the other attractions of this region.Bam e Rafsanjan (Rafsanjan’s roof), the Loliwaterfall, the warm water of DehZahir, the river Prince Abbas, boiling water and the natural phenomenon of the sea well is another place where nature has brought to the people of this land.